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Integrate Your Past • Be in the Present • Shape Your Future

International Institute for Core Evolution® and CoreSoma®
Directors: Siegmar Gerken PhD, ECP, HP and Cornelia Gerken CMP, ECP, HP

Calendar of Events

Fri, 10 May 2019 - Sun, 12 May 2019
Lisbon | Portugal

Live with the Will of Your Heart™ and Center in Self-Empowerment and Mindful Presence

Core Evolution Intensive Workshop

with: Siegmar Gerken PhD, ECP, HP

Experience how Core Evolution can enhance your Personal and Professional Life
Enriching Body-Wisdom, Emotional Regulation and Self-Realization

This open workshop weekend will be packed with information, practice and experiences that will last a lifetime! Among many other topics we will address subjects as:

Somatic Awareness and the Practice of Mindfulness
Expand your capacity by tuning into yourself. Looking at your life story without judgement opens possibilities to direct your energy toward constructive changes.

Matrix of Grounding™
Connect to your aliveness and to all existence - express from your true self.

Dealing with difficult feelings - including shifting of traumatic experiences

Difficult feelings often cause stress. If they become overwhelming, they can become traumatic stress. This can lead into a chronic condition that can effect mood, behavior and health. Therefore it is good to connect with your resources and feel empowered to shift these limiting patterns.

How authentic do you express and live your personal dynamic? And how is that reflected in your life?
In Core Evolution we guide you to your creative potential and expression, to recognize and nourish your needs and live a fulfilling life.

Core Evolution is based on contemporary scientific research on the interaction of body and mind, the foundations of body-oriented therapy, family systems, neuroscience, trauma theories, incorporating western and eastern teachings.

This workshop is for participants who want to expand their consciousness and choices in life and for practitioners who want to bring an integrative body-oriented and mindfulness-centered dimension to their work.

Listen to two of Siegmar’s interviews:

A professional training is planned to begin in Portugal October 25 - 27, 2019.

Local contact: Jaime Maers,, +351 9390 63186
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