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International Institute for Core Evolution® and CoreSoma®
Directors: Siegmar Gerken PhD, ECP, HP and Cornelia Gerken CMP, ECP, HP

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Fri, 24 September 2021 - Sun, 26 September 2021

CoreSoma® – Healing Touch

Explore Below the Thinking Mind
The Living Matrix of our Conscious Body-Mind Field

with: Cornelia Gerken, ECP, CMP, HP

Much of what we attribute to our mind and thinking process is actually based in our body–field and it’s own consciousness and intelligence. The roots of our psyche are deeply embedded in this somatic realm.

CoreSoma makes direct contact with this body-mind field, its vitality, memory, and knowing. In this way we can form a more integrated and kinder relationship with the conscious and unconscious aspects of our past and present.

Present research underlines the importance of our early and ongoing non-verbal, but embodied experiences. Therefore, working through touch is enormously rich. There are parts of us that do not speak the language of the mind or will. These parts rely on a different type of contact, communication, and presence in order to be heard. When acknowledged, the body needs only awareness and mindfulness to reverse or unwind fixations created in the past.

Opening to our subtle being, we enter the continuous cycle of taking information in and responding, thus forming and creating our world with intention and presence.Then we live each moment in the flow; perceived as love and pleasure, connecting us with our essence and our spiritual selves.

When we allow these dynamic forces to give guidance and direction to our lives, we experience contentment, peace, love, joy and wonder.
This program focuses on directly working with the Body-Mind Field.
• Especially learn to understand and direct different intentions through healing touch.
• Explore how to access body consciousness through direct verbal and non-verbal dialogue.
• Discover movement as a somatic language.
• Develop sensitivity to perceive and direct subtle energies.
• Attune to and growing awareness of different levels of consciousness.
• You will be guided to safely explore within yourself and with each other.

We plan that these dates do not overlap with the Core Evolution Trainings, since we know that some trainees want to participate in both groups.

New CoreSoma Programs will open for enrollment in Europe 2020 - Contact us for further dates and places.

I want to express my heartelt gratitude for your work. The light you have tapped into is working miracles on those you touch. K.Armstrong, Body-Oriented Therapist

This training was without a doubt the most profound experience of my life.
S.Sharlet, Doctor Chiropractic

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