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International Institute for Core Evolution® and CoreSoma®
Directors: Siegmar Gerken PhD, ECP, HP and Cornelia Gerken CMP, ECP, HP

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Sat, 12 June 2021 - Sat, 10 July 2021
| Online

From Collective, Generational and Family Trauma To Individual Trauma and Beyond

Principles of Healing from Trauma

with: Siegmar Gerken, Ph.D.

Online • Saturdays: June 12 • June 26 • July 10, 2021
Time: 6.30 pm - 9 pm Central European Time (CET)

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In this integrative and multi-disciplinary approach to trauma you will learn to recognize and differentiate the multi-layered tapestry of traumatic experiences.

Traumatic situations in early or later phases of life can lead to a protective withdrawal (numbing) or to the distortion of reality (dissociating). These conditions have a strong influence on the forming forces of the personal development and the coping mechanism of how a person lives the daily life. Traumatic experiences are then often becoming unrecognized ‘frozen patterns of history’ manifesting on the emotional, somatic and cognitive level.

This program supports you to increase our capacity for:
• harmonious self-regulation,
• deep contact to yourselves,
• secure attachment and effective communication,
• the natural free expression of your life-force.

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