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International Institute for Core Evolution® and CoreSoma®
Directors: Siegmar Gerken PhD, ECP, HP and Cornelia Gerken CMP, ECP, HP

Teaching the Integration and Healing of Traumatic Experiences Integrative, Body-Oriented and Mindfulness-Centered

Core Evolution TRAUMA Therapy Training™

This Trauma Ther­apy Train­ing is for all people work­ing with people:
ther­ap­ists, doc­tors, physio­ther­ap­ists, edu­cat­ors, so­cial work­ers, HR man­agers, lead­ers in or­gan­iz­a­tions and oth­ers.

  • Gain a com­pre­hens­ive un­der­stand­ing of the Trauma Mat­rix
  • Learn ef­fect­ive tools to apply In­teg­rat­ive Trauma Ther­apy
  • Bal­ance the­ory, ex­per­i­ence and prac­tice

Trauma ex­per­i­ences and their ef­fects on the body, psyche and soul

Con­tem­por­ary trauma the­or­ies are for­mu­lated on the un­der­stand­ing that a trau­mat­ic ex­per­i­ence has made an im­pact on a per­son’s sys­tem that could not be fully pro­cessed and in­teg­rated, leav­ing the sys­tem in a state of stress or shock. Presently, neur­os­cience provides us with in­sights into how the ap­plic­a­tion of an en­ergy and so­mat­ic ap­proach can sup­port trauma re­cov­ery work.

We come to un­der­stand, that a trauma is not just held in the brain, but in the whole human sys­tem! The pat­terns of trauma are then mani­fes­ted on the emo­tion­al, so­mat­ic and cog­nit­ive level of our life and limit our ca­pa­city for har­mo­ni­ous self-reg­u­la­tion, se­cure at­tach­ment, deep con­tact to ourselves and to the nat­ur­al free ex­pres­sion of one's life-force.

Trau­mat­ic situ­ations in early or later phases of life can lead to a pro­tect­ive with­draw­al or to a dis­tor­tion of real­ity. These con­di­tions have a strong in­flu­ence on the form­ing forces of the per­son­al de­vel­op­ment and the cop­ing mech­an­ism of how a per­son lives their daily life. Trau­mat­ic ex­per­i­ences then often be­come ‘frozen pat­terns of his­tory’.

This In­teg­rat­ive Trauma Ther­apy Train­ing provides an ex­pan­ded un­der­stand­ing to the field of trauma ther­apy, by re­cog­niz­ing and de­scrib­ing the modi­fy­ing forces that de­vel­op­ment­al pat­terns can have in the life of a trau­mat­ized per­son. They greatly de­term­ine, how a per­son struc­tures the in­form­a­tion of a trau­mat­ic event, and how re­sources can be ac­cessed and ac­tiv­ated, so that the safe open­ing of these frozen pat­terns of his­tory can lead to ex­pan­ded cop­ing strategies and heal­ing pro­cesses.

In 40 years of prac­tice and train­ing in the field of Hu­man­ist­ic, So­mat­ic and Transper­son­al Psy­cho­logy, Siegmar Gerken has de­veloped an in­teg­rat­ive ap­proach to rene­go­ti­ate trau­mat­ic ex­per­i­ences in re­la­tion to Devel­op­ment­al and Shock Trau­mas that are held in a per­son’s sys­tem.

The Core Evolu­tion ori­ented Trauma Ther­apy Train­ing also in­cludes sys­tem ap­proaches and ad­dresses Fam­ily, Gen­er­a­tion­al and Col­lect­ive Trauma, heal­ing ap­proaches to Sexu­al Trauma, trau­mat­ic med­ic­al in­ter­ven­tions, un­in­teg­rated states of con­scious­ness (like Near Death Ex­per­i­ence) and many other situ­ations of life that can res­ult out of chron­ic stress or trau­mat­ic con­di­tions.

The Trauma Ther­apy Train­ing con­sists of 4 teach­ing mod­ules of 3 days: first day: 3 - 6 pm; second day: 9:30 am - 7:30 pm; third day: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm.

This train­ing can also be struc­tured as an in-house train­ing for Train­ing In­sti­tutes, Com­pan­ies (HR) or Or­gan­iz­a­tions.

Stress – Trauma – Trau­mat­iz­a­tion
Found­a­tions for the Com­pre­hens­ive Under­stand­ing of Psy­cho­lo­gic­al Trauma

The So­cial Brain
Ex­pand­ing the Thera­peut­ic Realm Bey­ond the Be­ha­vi­or­al and Cog­nit­ive Under­stand­ing

The Co­her­ent Self
Self-Ac­cept­ance – In­teg­ra­tion of Af­fects, Thoughts, Images, Be­lieves and At­ti­tudes

Mod­ule IV:
Ad­vanced Top­ics in Trauma Ther­apy
How to ap­proach un­spe­cif­ic psycho­so­mat­ic is­sues, ex­per­i­ences after nat­ur­al and man­made dis­asters and other top­ics.
Ap­plic­a­tion of the know­ledge of Trauma work in dif­fer­ent set­tings.

The prac­tice of the body-ori­ented and mind­ful­ness-centered ap­proach fo­cuses on self-ac­cept­ance and pos­it­ive feel­ings. There­fore, the clin­ic­al ap­proach of this Trauma Ther­apy Train­ing is ex­pan­ded and deepened with Hu­man­ist­ic, So­mat­ic and Transper­son­al Psy­cho­logy.

This In­teg­rat­ive train­ing hon­ors the es­sence of a per­son as an in­her­ent qual­ity as well as a pro­cess, and at­tends to a per­son’s pro­cess with pro­fes­sion­al know­ledge, care, re­search, com­pet­ence, in­tu­ition, em­pathy, mind­ful­ness and pres­ence to re­gain joy, hope, humor, reawaken the love for life, and move bey­ond the trauma.

Siegmar Gerken’s art­icle about his Trauma work after the earth­quake in San­ti­ago de Chile can be down­loaded in Re­sources.

If you are in­ter­ested in this Core Evolu­tion TRAUMA Ther­apy Train­ing then please in­quire for the de­tailed cur­riculum and fur­ther de­tails.