Core Evolution®

Living the Pulsation of Life

Integrate Your Past • Be in the Present • Shape Your Future

International Institute for Core Evolution® and CoreSoma®
Directors: Siegmar Gerken PhD, ECP, HP and Cornelia Gerken CMP, ECP, HP

The Pulsation of Life – Connecting Essence and Intention™

The Global Energy, Love and Consiousness Training of Core Evolution®

In­teg­rat­ive, Rela­tion­al, Ex­per­i­en­tial, Body-Ori­en­ted, Trauma-In­formed and

Mind­ful­ness-Centered Ther­apy and Con­sult­ing

in the Field of Hu­man­ist­ic, So­mat­ic, Pos­it­ive and Transper­son­al Psy­cho­logy 

Dir­ect­ors of Train­ing: Siegmar Gerken, Ph.D., ECP, HP and Cor­ne­lia Gerken, CMP, ECP, HP

Be­gins Janu­ary 8 + 9, 2022 On­line

The Core Evolu­tion Train­ing is based on con­tem­por­ary sci­entif­ic re­search on the in­ter­ac­tion of body and mind,

the found­a­tions of body-ori­ented ther­apy, fam­ily sys­tems, neur­os­cience, trauma the­or­ies,

in­cor­por­at­ing Western and Eastern teach­ings.

Core Evolu­tion ex­plores and works with:

  • The phys­ic­al body – its struc­ture, and the dy­nam­ic ex­pres­sion through move­ment;

  • Emo­tions and Feel­ings – how we pro­cess our inner and outer im­pulses;

  • The Mind – in un­der­stand­ing, know­ing, being aware and struc­tur­ing our think­ing;

  • The Will – the fac­ulty that gives en­ergy its dir­ec­tion;

  • Ex­pand­ing the lim­it­a­tion of the per­son­al­ity, real­iz­ing choices;

  • Practice in Being – Aware­ness and Mind­ful­ness;

  • The Field of Con­scious­ness – al­low­ing us the per­cep­tion of the to­tal­ity of ex­ist­ence, which is per­ceived and ex­pressed as the flow of love and ex­per­i­enced as es­sence, unity and one­ness.

Core Evolu­tion the­ory and prac­tice:

  • Depth-psy­cho­­logy and body-ori­en­ted ther­­apy, with in­­di­vidu­als, couples and groups
  • Gestalt, So­mat­ic, Hu­­man­ist­ic, Transper­­son­al, Ex­ist­en­­tial, In­teg­ral and Pos­it­ive Psy­cho­­logy
  • At­tach­­ment and Bond­ing the­or­ies 
  • Trauma Teach­ing, in­­clud­ing Devel­op­­ment­al and Shock Trauma,
  • Col­lect­ive-, Na­­tion­al-, Gen­er­­a­­tion­al- and Fam­ily- Trauma and oth­­ers
  • Fam­ily sys­tems, fam­ily ther­­apy and work with con­­stel­la­­tions
  • Af­­fect­ive, cog­n­it­ive and so­­cial neur­os­­cience and the de­vel­op­­ment of the So­­cial Brain
  • Be­ha­vi­or­al ap­­proaches, Sys­tems The­ory and Eco-Psy­cho­­logy
  • Eastern and Western Teach­ings and Sham­an­ic Ap­­proaches
  • Psy­cho­so­mat­ics, Subtle En­er­­­gies and Dreams
  • and our own ori­­gin­al re­search on the en­­er­­­get­ic dy­­nam­ics of emo­­tion­al and so­mat­ic pro­­cesses

Core Evolu­tion teaches many thera­peut­ic tools for trans­form­a­tion to:

• Find the inner ground of know­ing your­self and re­late to oth­ers from this true self; 

• Safely move pat­terns of pro­tect­ive with­hold­ing into en­rich­ing cre­ativ­ity; 

• Guide the ex­pres­sion of feel­ings in a safe and mind­ful way;

• In­crease the ca­pa­city for self-reg­u­la­tion and fur­ther emo­tion­al in­de­pend­ence; 

• Ex­plore, un­der­stand and if needed re­struc­ture the many as­pects of Self;

• Deep­en the trust in life and sup­port the un­fold­ing po­ten­tial of a per­son; 

• Em­body your spir­itu­al nature;

• Center in Mind­ful­ness and pres­ence. 

• Prac­ti­tion­ers from many dif­fer­ent schools and back­grounds come to this work be­cause of the uni­fy­ing as­pects of Core Evolu­tion.

Our the­ory is at the cut­ting edge of sci­ence. Our teach­ing and prac­tice is based on over 40 years of ex­per­i­ence. We ex­plore the in­ter­con­nec­ted­ness of life pro­cesses as they mani­fest in the unity of body, emo­tions, mind, will, and con­scious­ness.

Integrate Your Past • Be in the Present • Shape Your Future  

What is the be­ne­fit this pro­gram can give you?  

The es­sen­tial teach­ing of Core Evolu­tion is in­teg­rat­ive. We unify know­ledge and in­tu­ition, sci­ence and the wis­dom of the heart, psy­cho­logy and philo­sophy. We ex­plore the in­ter­con­nec­ted­ness of life pro­cesses as they mani­fest in the unity of body, emo­tions, mind, will, and con­scious­ness.  

In our path of life we are chal­lenged by many situ­ations - from Devel­op­ment­al to Col­lect­ive Trauma and other situ­ations - that make it dif­fi­cult to stay in the aware­ness of our es­sence and in­ten­tion as a re­source to meet our in­di­vidu­al as well as glob­al ques­tions.  

Core Evolu­tion teaches the art of em­power­ing a per­son to ac­cess and de­vel­op their own re­sources. This pro­gram provides the un­der­stand­ing for these pro­cesses and of­fers clear psy­cho­lo­gic­al, emo­tion­al and so­mat­ic in­ter­ven­tions to en­able the Body-MInd Sys­tem full phys­ic­al, emo­tion­al and con­scious in­teg­ra­tion, to ini­ti­ate per­son­al and ul­ti­mately glob­al change.  

The Glob­al En­ergy, Love and Con­scious­ness Train­ing of Core Evolu­tion® is for par­ti­cipants who want to de­vel­op and apply these skills in the per­son­al and pro­fes­sion­al life - to learn, to ob­serve, to listen and to fa­cil­it­ate trans­form­a­tion­al pro­cesses.  

• Gain a com­pre­hens­ive un­der­stand­ing of the Mat­rix of Life  

• Learn ef­fect­ive tools to apply an In­teg­rat­ive, Rela­tion­al, Ex­per­i­en­tial, Psy­cho­dy­nam­ic, Body-Ori­en­ted and Mind­ful­ness-Centered ap­proach  

• Bal­ance the­ory, ex­per­i­ence and prac­tice.  

We are one of the lead­ing In­sti­tutes in this field, of­fer­ing a very de­tailed teach­ing of early de­vel­op­ment­al phases and the res­ult­ing Per­son­al­ity Re­ac­tion Pat­terns™. We guide you to ex­per­i­ence, sense and un­der­stand the form­a­tion of your body, how you struc­ture your feel­ings and your think­ing and how these pro­cesses flow into the un­fold­ing of your mind with its res­ult­ing be­ha­vi­or and at­tach­ments. These at­tach­ments and bond­ing pat­terns are often un­con­scious and can be po­ten­tially lim­it­ing the free flow in life. By mak­ing them con­scious, be­ha­vi­or­al at­ti­tudes be­come choices.  

Con­tem­por­ary re­search about the in­ter­ac­tion of body and mind in­devel­op­ment­al neur­os­cience, pre- and peri­nat­al psy­cho­logy, at­tach­ment the­or­ies, af­fect reg­u­la­tion and the ex­pan­ded ob­ser­va­tion in early child­hood de­vel­op­ment and other find­ings, con­firm dec­ades of ex­per­i­ences in Core Evolu­tion.  

In this Train­ing we ex­plore:

• How you struc­ture and or­gan­ize your Body-Mind Sys­tem;

• With Mind­ful­ness and So­mat­ic Aware­ness you sense and track en­ergy pat­terns;

• You learn to re­cog­nize the dif­fer­ence between trig­gers and au­then­t­ic emo­tion­al ex­pres­sions;

• The prac­tice of mul­tiple levels of aware­ness to be in con­tact with your­self and an­oth­er;

• Through skill­ful body-mind in­ter­ac­tions and rais­ing in­di­vidu­al and group con­scious­ness we cre­ate a co­her­ence, in which new, cre­at­ive solu­tions for chal­lenges in our lives can emerge.

(Find a com­pre­hens­ive de­scrip­tion in our 10-page cur­riculum. Please in­quire: In­fo@CoreE­volu­  

It's never to late to have a happy child­hood, by trans­form­ing our trau­mat­ic con­di­tions, from Devel­op­ment­al to Col­lect­ive and bey­ond, and move our in­ten­tion into ac­tion to­ward the real­iz­a­tion of a hap­pi­er, ful­filling and sus­tain­able world.  

Learn Tools for Trans­form­a­tion and Heal­ing

to con­trib­ute to the change that you want to see in the world.  

Teach­ing top­ics among many oth­ers in­clude:  

• The Per­son­al Evolu­tion­ary Pro­cess

• Flow of En­ergy and Con­scious­ness

• Devel­op­ment­al re­search and early Pro­cesses of At­tach­ment, At­tun­e­ment, Bond­ing and Mir­ror Neur­ons - the Emer­gence of In­ter­sub­jectiv­ity

• Im­port­ant as­pects of present Neur­os­cience and In­ter­per­son­al Neuro­bi­o­logy

• Change is pos­sible - brain struc­ture and Neuro­plas­ti­city

• The­ory and prac­tice of Mind­ful­ness and train­ing of So­mat­ic Aware­ness

• The So­cial Brain - Ex­pand­ing the thera­peut­ic realm bey­ond the be­ha­vi­or­al and cog­nit­ive un­der­stand­ing

• Transper­son­al Aspects of Being • The Ho­lo­graph­ic Model and re­source­ful pro­cessing of so­mat­ic memor­ies

• The Co­her­ent Self - Self-Ac­cept­ance and the in­teg­ra­tion of af­fects, thoughts, im­ages, be­lieves and at­ti­tudes.

• Unique to the teach­ing of Core Evolu­tion is the form­a­tion of Per­son­al­ity Re­act­ing Pat­terns™ (PRP) and their ex­pres­sion in body, feel­ings, mind and the per­son­al con­scious­ness

• This pre­pares for the pro­fes­sion­al Core Evolu­tion Ana­lys­is – a mind­ful dis­cov­ery of self and oth­ers

• Trauma ex­per­i­ences and their ef­fects on the body, psyche and mind – Dif­fer­en­ti­ation of Shock and Devel­op­ment­al Trauma, Gen­er­a­tion­al and Col­lect­ive Trauma

• The Sys­tem­ic Ap­proach - from cell bio­logy to the uni­verse

• En­vir­on­ment­al Psy­cho­logy - Wit­ness­ing and Ex­per­i­en­cing the Fields of So­cial and Glob­al Pro­cesses

• Clin­ic­al Top­ics with Focus on Emo­tion­al Dys­reg­u­la­tion and other inter-psych­ic con­flicts - how to work with guilt and shame. This clin­ic­al ap­proach is ex­pan­ded and deepened with Hu­man­ist­ic, So­mat­ic and Transper­son­al Psy­cho­logy.

• Self-Ac­cept­ance and pos­it­ive feel­ings (Pos­it­ive Psy­cho­logy)

• Love, In­tim­acy and Rela­tion­ship

• Ex­pand­ing the Core Evolu­tion Ap­proach in Ther­apy and Heal­ing

• Psycho­so­mat­ics - How to ap­proach un­spe­cif­ic psycho­so­mat­ic is­sues

• Subtle En­ergy, Phys­ic­al and Emo­tion­al Health

• Work­ing with Dreams • The Unity of Being – Essence

• Poten­tial • In­ten­tion • Real­iz­a­tion.  

Core Evolu­tion relates to Quantum Phys­ics and did its own re­search in In­frared Ana­lys­is and Bio-Photon meas­ure­ment to doc­u­ment bio-psy­cho-emo­tion­al states in the Body-Mind Field of a per­son, which opened new ho­ri­zons to sci­ent­ists and prac­ti­tion­ers.  

The In­ter­na­tion­al In­sti­tute for Core Evolu­tion & CoreSoma is an ac­cred­ited In­sti­tute by the EABP and EAP  

Core Evolu­tion is re­cog­nized as a sci­entif­ic mod­al­ity by the European As­so­ci­ation for Body-Psy­cho­ther­apy (EABP) and by the European As­so­ci­ation of Psy­cho­ther­apy (EAP). A com­plete train­ing in Core Evolu­tion leads to cer­ti­fic­a­tion in In­teg­rat­ive, Body- Ori­en­ted and Mind­ful­ness-Centered Psy­cho­ther­apy, which al­lows to be­come a full mem­ber in the EABP and to apply for the European Cer­ti­fic­ate of Psy­cho­ther­apy (ECP).  

The GLOBAL En­ergy, Love and Con­scious­ness Train­ing of Core Evolu­tion® - 

Cel­eb­rat­ing Unity and Diversity in the Under­stand­ing of One­ness.  

In CORE EVOLUTION we honor the es­sence of a per­son as an in­her­ent qual­ity, which in the pro­cess of life ideally finds its un­fold­ing and real­iz­a­tion. There­fore, Core Evolu­tion at­tends to a per­son’s pro­cess with pro­fes­sion­al know­ledge, care, re­search, com­pet­ence, in­tu­ition, em­pathy, mind­ful­ness and pres­ence to re­gain joy and nour­ish the love for life. 


Please in­quire for the com­pre­hens­ive cur­riculum.  In­fo@CoreE­volu­

We are mem­bers of:  

• EABP European As­so­ci­ation of Body-Psy­cho­ther­apy  

• EAP European As­so­ci­ation for Psy­cho­ther­apy  

• The Forum - Pro­fes­sion­al Or­gan­iz­a­tion for the Ac­cred­it­a­tion of Train­ing In­sti­tutes

• USABP - USA As­so­­ci­a­tion of Body-Psy­cho­ther­­apy  

• APA Amer­ic­an Psy­cho­lo­gic­al As­so­ci­ation  

• AHP - As­so­ci­ation for Hu­man­ist­ic Psy­cho­logy

• ATP As­so­ci­ation for Transper­son­al Psy­cho­logy  

• AAPS Academy for the Ad­vance­ment of Post­ma­ter­i­al­ist­ic Sciences

• SMN Scientif­ic and Med­ic­al Net­work

Professional Testimonials  

The train­ing not only was a tre­mend­ous ad­vance in my pro­fes­sion­al ca­reer; it also con­trib­uted sig­ni­fic­antly to my per­son­al de­vel­op­ment. – Prof. Dr. Dirk Reven­storf, Universität Tübin­gen  

My work with Cor­ne­lia and Siegmar provided dy­nam­ic in­teg­ra­tion of many years of per­son­al growth, and I have a re­newed sense of har­mony and one­ness. – Pat­ri­cia Heeb, Pro­fess­or of Psy­cho­logy, Santa Rosa, Cali­for­nia

Your blend of pro­fes­sion­al com­pet­ence, power­ful in­ter­ven­tions, sens­it­ive care, per­son­al dy­nam­ic, humor and light­ness has been the most in­flu­en­cing source for my own way of work­ing with in­di­vidu­als and groups.   – Joar Skjevdal, Or­gan­iz­a­tion­al Con­sult­ant, Psy­cho­lo­gist, Oslo  

Fur­ther testi­mo­ni­als can be read here: https://www.coree­volu­­mo­ni­als.html

We look for­ward to wel­com­ing you in this unique op­por­tun­ity to con­nect with a world­wide com­munity.

Core Evolu­tion leads the per­son to a place of heal­ing.