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International Institute for Core Evolution® and CoreSoma®
Directors: Siegmar Gerken PhD, ECP, HP and Cornelia Gerken CMP, ECP, HP

What others say


Your blend of professional competence, powerful interventions, sensitive care, personal dynamic, humor and lightness has been the most influencing source for my own way of working with individuals and groups.

Joar Skjevdal, MA Civil Engineer, MA Psychologist, Senior Consultant, Oslo

Siegmar Gerken, PhD is a remarkable therapist and speaker. I have known him now for over 35 years and find his work fully within the Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology tradition. For the expansion of Consciousness and Well-being, I hope that his work will be more widely known.

Stanley Krippner, Professor of Psychology Emeritus, Saybrook University

Dr. Siegmar Gerken has been a guest lecturer at University of Primorska, Slovenia, Department of Biopsychology. He gave a great and very resounding lecture about principles of Core Evolution as a therapeutic tool for understanding psychological well-being and introduced the practical application of Mindfulness in therapy. He is a great lecturer and also outstanding professional, willing to respond and comment to all kinds of questions and comments from students and professional colleagues. The experience with Dr. Gerken was so good that we will continue with our collaboration. We will organize lectures and professional workshops for students and related professionals.

Assistant Professor Aleksander Zadel, PhD, University of Primorska, Slovenia, Department of Biopsychology

I have known Dr. Gerken for over 35 years. Originally through the publication of my first book on Humanistic Psychology, subsequently as a professional colleague and now, as a friend. In addition to being an effective clinician, he is a leading intellectual and theoretician in our worldwide small field of body-oriented psychology. He is an active and influential member of this widespread community of therapists, thinkers and writers.

Dan Hanlon Johnson, Ph.D., Professor Somatic Psychology at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies)

Siegmar taught for the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute for 8 Years. He was definitely one of the most liked of all of our instructors. His teaching style is very dynamic, informative and alive. His active participation in the Relational Somatic Psychology Certificate Program was highly valued and appreciated.

Dyrian Benz Psy D., Chairperson for the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute 2001 to 2005

The training not only was a tremendous advance in my professional career; it also contributed significantly to my personal development.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Revenstorf, Universität Tübingen

My work with Cornelia and Siegmar provided dynamic integration of many years of personal growth, and I have a renewed sense of harmony and oneness.

Patricia Heeb, Professor of Psychology, Santa Rosa, California

We are both so appreciative for the wonderful experience and counseling that you provided to us. We are so fortunate to be full of life and love! Thank you for showing us ways to keep the flame burning brightly.

Your Esalen friends Randy and Kristin Moore, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for your knowledge, expertise and the wonderful ways you have in uncovering layers of lives that have long since been buried, but still affecting how we function in todays world. Warm regards.

Dr. P. Goodman

In the Core Evolution program I have learned so much about myself and my inner rebys, how my actions impact others and I how I can improve my relations. This program also gave me tools I can directly use, as a manager, facilitator and coach.

Trine Lunde, HR Manager, Organizational Development and Training,

As a leader and consultant I feel more able to understand and deal with dilemmas and conflicting needs. Core Evolution is by far the most important investment I have made both in terms of professional and personal development.

Ole Asborn, Ph.D., Psychologist, Senior Consultant, Co-Director of Lidmi

In the Core Evolution Program, I gained a deeper understanding of the relationship of behavior, feelings and people’s motivation. This tremendously increased my emotional competence and my integrity and trustworthiness as a leader.

Tor Erlandsen, LtCol Norwegian Air Force, Oslo, Norway

Working with Cornelia and Siegmar made me realize the ways in which I was choosing to block myself from both giving and receiving love freely in my life. With them, I learned to open my arms again, to myself, to others, to groups, and to the unknown mysteries of life and love that lay before me. For anyone who wishes to learn how to step forward from a stuck place, I would highly recommend their work. As soon as you realize that your choices are abundant and that arms are waiting and wanting to greet you, life unfolds itself before you like a flower, with so many beautiful petals to choose from. I am glad I chose the petal of Cornelia and Siegmar. It was a rose I will carry with me for many days to come.


I find myself amazed at Cornelia’s and Siegmar’s grasp of cutting edge discoveries in the field of Somatics; putting them to the test and creating a template for others to follow and learn in this emerging territory. But more than that, they revealed a path for me take through the wilderness of my pain, tracking my body and allowing me to feel, experience and finally begin to reclaim the solace of my open yearning heart. I am so grateful for the time and attention you both offered me.

JJ Jeffries, Esalen Staff, Big Sur, CA

The training with you was infinitely enriching, the self-awareness deeply moving and invaluable, your two loving hearts indescribably healing and your both experiences deeply impressive. Both of you have helped me to develop the courage to look at my own wounds, to feel them and to experience healing processes. You have a wonderful ability to keep the space and energy sovereign and secure, even for difficult processes! At the same time you are full of deep, authentic love and empathy. I also experienced so much joy, joy of life, liveliness and lightness in your seminars, which you both radiate and pass on! For my own healing I am infinitely grateful to you!

Sabine Malhofer-Karrer, Dipl.Psych., Psychologische Psychotherapeutin, Murnau, Germany

I would like to thank you both for the great experience! What touched me the most was the deep connection with other participants during the seminar and afterwards. I have an opportunity to discover more deeply my inner world and openness.

Rok Krsmanc, Musician and IT-Designer, Ljubljana,

After over 4 years of training with Siegmar and Cornelia I am enthusiastic about the personality development oriented teaching as well as the didactic-theoretical frame. You have always given me and the whole group a very safe, appreciative and learning-promoting container. In my daily work as a trainer and coach with managers, it helps me to set the right interventions, in order to promote their learning process to come in contact with themselves. 

Rolf Kauke, Senior Consultant and Director of kauke-up

After attending Siegmar's workshop on Love and Relationships, I feel very centered and contented. I also feel connected to the flow of life, and all people in it. I feel as if Life has breathed a breath of fresh, loving air into me. I feel ready for anything!

Ann Schaefer, Los Angeles, CA

Impressive, outstanding, unfolding. Great! Give yourself the gift of this great experience!

Matías González, Psychologist and Coach, Santiago, Chile and Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am grateful to have the chance to explore my blockages though my body and learn that I can transform my energy through it as well. This shift of consciousness is an important step in my life to complete the personal work I do in meditation and yoga.

Javiera Varas, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Venice, CA and Santiago, Chile

I want to thank both of you for such a wonderful week. Something came together for me, I believe, that has been rather illusive in my work before.

Jozeffa A. Greer, Psychotherapist MFT, Sacramento, CA

The days with you and the group are always in my heart. The Workshop regenerated for many days my soul and my daily life. My thinking still now is more profound and fluid. My mind is more clear and my heart more open. Being and working with people of all ages and from many countries have made me feel like a cell, belonging to the whole. We are one in all.