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International Institute for Core Evolution® and CoreSoma®
Directors: Siegmar Gerken PhD, ECP, HP and Cornelia Gerken CMP, ECP, HP


Dear Friend of Core Evolu­tion,

We are liv­ing in un­pre­ced­en­ted times. While the whole world tries to stop the ef­fect of COVID-19  on our lives, we all con­trib­ute by caring for ourselves and oth­ers to stay healthy and strong. Since health and well-being is also the guid­ing prin­ciple of our work, we sus­pen­ded all dir­ect-con­tact sem­inars so far until the be­gin­ning of our new train­ings in August 2020. Until then we con­duct in­di­vidu­al and group work on­line.

We all have be­come used to the term ‘so­cial dis­tan­cing’ - but it is more meant as phys­ic­al dis­tan­cing. So­cial­is (latin) means al­lied or feel­ing con­nec­ted and so­cius (latin) means friend. Espe­cially in these times of phys­ic­al isol­a­tion, and for many it is also per­son­al hard­ship; let us stay con­nec­ted with our hearts and minds, as we nav­ig­ate this dif­fi­cult phase in our his­tory.

This is the time, where we must prac­tice what we teach - em­pathy and com­pas­sion and the wis­dom of the Body-Mind. In Core Evolu­tion we offer down to earth tools, to stay in con­tact with one­self, to reg­u­late our body- and nervous sys­tem, to reach a place of co­her­ence, from where we can act from a sense of em­bod­i­ment and pres­ence and inner lead­er­ship.

Dur­ing these dif­fi­cult times of the lock-down and until May 31, 2020 we will offer every Sunday at 12.00 (noon - Cali­for­nia time) a meet­ing place to come to­geth­er. Siegmar will lead a tun­ing in/body scan/med­it­a­tion with a short lec­ture on body, mind and con­scious­ness and the heal­ing of trauma, fol­lowed by Q&A from par­ti­cipants. These meet­ings of 75 minutes are free of charge. Let us know if you would like to par­ti­cip­ate and we will send you the ac­cess: https://www.coree­volu­­tact.html

(In­ter­na­tion­al times con­vert­er: https://www.time­and­­clock/con­vert­er.html?iso=20200401T180000&p1=224 )

Every pan­dem­ic poses a threat to our ex­ist­ence. For eons, man­kind has suffered ex­ist­en­tial threats again and again. This in­form­a­tion of our an­cest­ors, gen­er­a­tions and fam­il­ies is still in the Univer­sal Con­scious­ness or the Akash­ic Field. In our em­bod­i­ment, we enter into this field of ex­per­i­ence on all levels of our ex­ist­ence. Depend­ing on our con­sti­tu­tion and re­sources, we may get over­whelmed and trau­mat­ized; in the mo­ment of fear and ex­ist­en­tial threat we can get triggered and re-trau­mat­ized, or, we can meet the chal­lenge and lead the situ­ation to a healthy in­teg­ra­tion and heal­ing. 

In Core Evolu­tion this takes place on the phys­ic­al, emo­tion­al, cog­nit­ive and spir­itu­al / con­scious­ness level and ul­ti­mately leads to the heal­ing of In­di­vidu­al, Fam­ily, Gen­er­a­tion­al and Col­lect­ive Trauma - our motive for dec­ades:

In­teg­rate Your Past • Be in the Present • Shape Your Fu­ture

Never in his­tory have we been so con­sciously and tech­nic­ally con­nec­ted on this globe as now. This is where the present chal­lenge can also be­come a great op­por­tun­ity for trans­form­a­tion in which every­body can par­ti­cip­ate, in­di­vidu­ally and col­lect­ively.  This pro­cess is not easy and often needs sup­port to raise the aware­ness of how we hold these pat­terns of his­tory in our sys­tem. This is where the in­teg­rat­ive, body-ori­ented and mind­ful­ness-centered ap­proach of Core Evolu­tion has been of­fer­ing sup­port now for over 40 years.

To ex­tend our present sup­port and con­tri­bu­tion in these dif­fi­cult times, Siegmar of­fers to all new cli­ents and search­ers, a 30-minute free in­di­vidu­al con­sulta­tion. If you de­cide to con­tin­ue after these ini­tial 30 minutes, we will offer the dis­coun­ted fee, which nor­mally only Core Evolu­tion Train­ees re­ceive, until the end of May 2020.

Feel free to reach out and con­tact us: http://www.coree­volu­­tact.html

This crisis will also pass. It is good to stay vi­gil­ant and aware of how you can sup­port the pro­cess of heal­ing, in­di­vidu­ally and in so­ci­ety. At the same time, it is im­port­ant to stay mind­ful with your Body-Mind Pro­cess, to keep an en­ergy dy­nam­ic alive, stay in open and caring com­mu­nic­a­tion, cen­ter/med­it­ate, so that you can con­trib­ute with your en­ergy, know­ledge and love - to keep the vis­ion for the fur­ther un­fold­ing of a healthy, cre­at­ive and ful­filling live. 

In this spir­it we send you our in­vit­a­tion and heart­felt greet­ings,

Cor­ne­lia & Siegmar Gerken

Work with us

Work with us

With over 40 years
ex­per­i­ence in the fields of Hu­man­ist­ic, Transper­son­al and
So­mat­ic Psy­chology we nat­ur­ally ad­dress all pro­fes­sion­al top­ics.



For Ap­plied
Psy­cho­logy, Spir­itu­al­ity and Science – Teach­ing Mind­ful­ness for the Under­stand­ing of the Unity of All Ex­ist­ence.



For participants who want to expand their consciousness and choices in life and for practitioners who want to bring an integrative body-oriented dimension to their work.

Who we are

Who we are

We un­der­stand our com­mit­ment and work of over forty years in CORE EVOLUTION®
as a con­tri­bu­tion to an emo­tion­ally in­teg­rated, peace­ful so­ci­ety.

Core Evolu­tion is an in­teg­rat­ive, re­la­tion­al, psy­cho­dy­nam­ic, body-ori­ented and mind­ful­ness-centered ther­apy - an in­nov­at­ive ap­proach to a Whole Per­son Psy­cho­logy based on Mind­ful­ness and rooted in the Essence of Being. Its found­a­tion is the com­pre­hens­ive un­der­stand­ing that es­sence and life en­ergy are ex­pressed through our Core - the cen­ter of the in­di­vidu­ated uni­ver­sal life en­ergy, a well­spring of heal­ing, joy, cre­ativ­ity and wis­dom.

Core Evolu­tion ad­dresses the pulsa­tion of life in each of us. Life ex­presses it­self in pulsa­tion. Every breath, every heart­beat, every move­ment, every thought rep­res­ents the flow of life in us. If this flow is dis­tor­ted or re­stric­ted, we limit our per­cep­tion and ex­pres­sion in life. There­fore we re­cog­nize and sup­port the in­ter­con­nec­ted­ness on all levels of our ex­ist­ence.

Core Evolu­tion ad­dresses the whole­ness of a per­son – the per­son­al qual­it­ies and unique po­ten­tial. From this trust in our in­her­ent power of love, good­ness, cre­ativ­ity and ca­pa­city for self-heal­ing, we ad­dress the obstacles and lim­it­a­tions a per­son faces to freely un­fold these qual­it­ies and move to­ward self-real­iz­a­tion – per­son­ally and pro­fes­sion­ally.

Core Evolution Summer Intensive • September 14 - 18, 2020

Re­ju­ven­ate Body and Mind

Come and join par­ti­cipants from dif­fer­ent parts of the world
to move En­ergy and Con­scious­ness into new di­men­sions

Em­bod­i­ment and Pres­ence open the pos­sib­il­it­ies to live our qual­it­ies and full po­ten­tial. Often these qual­it­ies could not fully un­fold due to past or present events which leads to ques­tions like:
• “How can I let go of pat­terns that limit me and move to­ward in­teg­ra­tion and heal­ing?”
• “How can I re-con­nect with my vis­ion and po­ten­tial and be­come the co-cre­at­or of my life again?”

This In­tens­ive will give you per­son­al an­swers and prac­tic­al solu­tions to these ques­tions to go bey­ond the trauma and live your es­sence!
In our body-ori­ented and psy­cho­dy­nam­ic ap­proach, we cre­ate a safe space in which par­ti­cipants can touch into Core de­vel­op­ment­al trau­mas of emo­tion­al and re­la­tion­al at­tach­ment and bond­ing is­sues. The work ranges from pren­at­al mo­ments to present adult­hood and al­lows the sens­ing and new in­teg­ra­tion of dif­fi­cult ex­per­i­ences into a har­mo­ni­ous flow of life.
Mind­ful­ness prac­tices let the Pulsa­tion of Life be­come a con­scious ex­per­i­ence, rep­res­en­ted in the breath, body-per­cep­tion, move­ment and flow of en­ergy. We ex­plore the mat­rix of the inner (emo­tion­al, psy­cho­lo­gic­al, spir­itu­al) and outer (so­mat­ic, ex­press­ive, en­vir­on­ment­al) ground, the ex­ten­ded Body-Mind Field and how we re­late from these places.
With the know­ledge of the in­ter­per­son­al and af­fect­ive neur­os­cience we ac­tiv­ate the Neuro­plas­ti­city of the brain to­ward pos­it­ive life changes.
You learn to trust and reg­u­late the streams of en­ergy ex­pressed in your bio­lo­gic­al, so­mat­ic and emo­tion­al life force to find your own voice and au­then­t­ic self-ex­pres­sion. You move bey­ond lim­it­ing trau­mat­ic events.

In your Em­bod­i­ment, you af­firm your place in the world and ex­press your es­sen­tial qual­it­ies.
In your Pres­ence, you share your lov­ing ca­pa­city and dir­ect life from the Will of Your Heart™.

Siegmar and Cor­ne­lia are pi­on­eers in the field of Hu­man­ist­ic, So­mat­ic and Transper­son­al Psy­cho­logy and Body-Ori­en­ted and Mind­ful­ness-Centered Ther­apy for over 40 years. Their vast ex­per­i­ence in many fields and tech­niques and their in­teg­rat­ive style al­lows them to draw from a rich re­source of in­ter­ven­tions, that reaches the be­gin­ner on the con­scious path as well as the seasoned prac­ti­tion­er.


Enjoy the Medi­ter­ranean am­bi­ence, sunny days, the pool or the sea, gentle even­ings, good food, gour­met wines, great com­pany and all there is - to ex­plore and cel­eb­rate life.

Fee: Check in for the best Early Bird, Stu­dent and Couple dis­­­count. We are in a fant­ast­ic Re­sort near the sea­side, easy ac­­cess from the Rome air­­­port.

Please write us for the com­plete in­form­a­tion: In­fo@CoreE­volu­

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Upcoming Events

Fri, 21 August 2020 - Sun, 23 August 2020
Tallinn | Estonia

Core Evolution Trainings®

Accredited International

with: Siegmar Gerken, Ph.D.


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Sat, 12 September 2020 - Sun, 13 September 2020
Lucca | Italy

CoreSoma® - Healing Touch

The Living Matrix of our Conscious Body-Mind Field
Explore Below the Thinking Mind

with: Cornelia Gerken, ECP, CMP, HP

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Mon, 14 September 2020 - Fri, 18 September 2020
Tuscany | Italy

Integrate Individual, Generational and Collective Trauma

Core Evolution Summer Intensive
Consciousness and Healing at the Crossroads of Light and Love

with: Cornelia & Siegmar Gerken

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